Jubilemus Singuli
Giovanni Gabrieli Series
by Giovanni Gabrieli
ed. Dale Jergenson and Daniel Wolfe
SSAATTBB, organ, optional brass instruments
Laurendale Associates


Review from The Choral Journal, November 1996

This twenty-three page motet from Sacre symphoniae (1597) is very typical of Gabrieli's writing for multiple voices and instruments in the Venetian style. There is much reinforcement of the voice parts in the organ accompaniment and brass (two trumpets, two French horns, three trombones, and bass trombone or tuba - parts available from the publisher). This multimetered motet has some very lively and intricate rhythmic passages that would need special attention. The voice ranges of all parts are not extreme. The piece is in a mixture of imitative and free counterpoint and chordal styles. the piece is very festive and jubilant in nature (the text, peculiar to Venice, celebrates the feast day of St. Mark). There is a translation of the Latin text in the introductory materials and performance notes by editors Dale Jergenson and Daniel Wolfe. Because of the voicing and rhythmic intricacies, this piece would demand a rather large and capable high school, college, or church choir. It could also be performed by a combined choir in a festival situation.

Review by Elwood H. Brown