Ein' Feste Burg
by Martin Luther
arr. by Dale Jergenson

MIDI Organ & Congregation
Laurendale Associates


Review from The Diapason, January, 1994

Responding to the use of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) instruments in some churches these days, Laurendale Associates is now publishing music with these devices in mind. Although they can be played through conventional means (on the inside cover page, large bold print announces "You do not need a MIDI Organ to play MIDI Organ Music" and lists options for the performer), they are really designed for these new vehicles for sound. For "A Mighty Fortress" and "How Great Thou Art." a congregation would have to be cued as to when to sing, because the interludes between phrases of the hymn differ from some hymnals. The free harmonizations used are uncomplicated. "Jesu, Joy" is virtually the same as the well-known Bach piece, with a "trumpet" solo for the chorale melody. These may provide interesting hymn accompaniments and solo pieces for use in the service. Is this the wave of the future?