Meditation on 'Silent Night'

by David Lee Heinzman

Laurendale Associates


Review from The American Organist, October, 1990

The idea behind this composition is excellent but the performance of it is complicated by the intricate rhythmic devices (threes against fours, octave displacement in the pedal solo on a 4' or 2' solo with tremulant). Worthwhile for the advanced player.



Review from The American Organist, December, 1993

Fanfare and Advent Toccata, Laurendale PO-1000

Meditation on Silent Night, Laurendale PO-1002

Veni Emmanuel, Laurendale PO-1001

The first is based on Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland and would make a suitable postlude during Advent. The second on Stille Nacht has the tune in the pedal on 4 or 2 against constantly moving eighth notes in the manuals. The third makes as ideal prelude during Advent, beginning softly and building to a climax that is stunning and then reducing to celestes. All three contain effective writing. Moderately difficult.